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who decides what's wrong or right? [06 Jan 2012|11:45am]
i haven't been on here since 2007.
and update is probably in order.
i graduated high school and am now in my second year of college.
i've been through a lot of shit these past couple of years.
but i've become who i am today through it all.
i'm actively participating in my own life now, and it is lovely.
and i got a cat.
lol so all of these hilarious posts from middle school and high school are just that, hilarious.
i'm sure we've all had our share of angst.
but most of mine is gone. lol sorry
i most likely won't post on here very much if at all.
just figured i'd fill anyone in who's interested/still following this.
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[11 Feb 2011|12:35am]

Circle I Limbo

The Pope
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Barack Obama
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Circle IV Rolling Weights

Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Bill Gates
Circle VII Burning Sands

General asshats
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

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you always were. [07 Nov 2007|05:41pm]
commitment and i don't get along well.
they should have a term for someone like a boyfriend without having to call them your boyfriend.
that term would apply heavily.
it's not that i don't want to be in the relationship.
i just don't want to classify it as a relationship.
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tiny fingers. [27 Oct 2007|07:27pm]
travel +
fighting +
forgotten meds +
long distances =
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the wind on the boat's deck. [03 Oct 2007|01:23pm]
my computer finally got fixed.
i'm not sure if it's a good thing.
being connected is somewhat of a hassle.
ah well.
high school drama is dumb.
i'd elaborate but i just don't feel like getting into it again.
you ask a question and you better be ready for an answer.
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holding out. [21 Aug 2007|10:31am]
a storm of change is brewing.
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useless boys. [14 Aug 2007|12:16pm]
my car is out of commission for the moment.
the tire's all messed up.
but i have my test on thursday.
so i'm not sure how that's going to work out.
i mean, i have two days to get a new tire.
i'll be pissed if it doesn't happen.
because i have nothing else to drive.
besides my mom's car.
and that won't happen.
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keep talking down to me. [17 Jul 2007|03:38pm]
turning sixteen yesterday kind of blew.
not gonna lie.
sunday was fun though.
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next time i'm in town. [08 Jul 2007|04:02pm]
i hate drama.
i don't even know.
i need another vacation.
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taste it. [02 Jul 2007|11:26am]
i bleached all my hair.
so now it's white/blonde/yellow/orange.
i like it.
i'm realizing what i've done.
i miss my red hair already.
i'm really not sure what i was thinking.
oh well.
i'll keep till the end of summer maybe.
i'm retarded.
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no more trying tonight. [15 Jun 2007|07:48pm]
all day in the emergency room isn't my idea of a good time.
neither is driving my mom's huge ass car while she critiques my every move.
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come on. [13 Jun 2007|12:05pm]
goddamn allergies.
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love it made to forget it. [27 May 2007|09:42am]
so apparently, i give a fuck.
who knew?
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dropped into your arms. [21 May 2007|07:37pm]
i hate when you realize just how much you miss the person you should hate the most.
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tally the votes. [16 May 2007|06:39pm]
driver's ed.
thank god i know how to shift.
and steer.
and make the car go.
i'm glad i wasn't the worst one there.
go me.
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don't be so amazing or i'll miss you too much. [04 May 2007|08:36pm]
i really hate when i run out of medication.
i do.
it's no fun being totally excited about dirt one second.
and screaming at someone for wearing clothing the next.
i don't like this.
i hope there's meds waiting for me when i decide to get up.

on another note.
i really love theater.
i can even have a great time with rylei there.
it's great.
yesterday was the best ever.
i don't know.
i can't wait for next year.
i'll miss some of the seniors.
but not hardly enough to care.
let's just hope i can keep my good streak going.
people are starting to include me.
and it doesn't bother me.

something that really bothers me.
when people use more than the required letters in a word.
saying "liiiike nooooooo jokkkkeeeee" makes me want to kill someone.
and another thing.
fantastic is my word.
i don't care what anyone says.
as soon as the msn name "--FAAANTASTIC" comes up,
there's no doubt in my mind that someone needs to move as far away as possible.
and that someone isn't me.

next stop.
good mood.
and coming later.
shouting match.
welcome to all.
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just because you were right. [21 Apr 2007|08:00pm]
prom is stupid.
getting jessi around in an hour was stupid.
grand march was stupid.
i got bitched at for what i was wearing.
i don't get that.
i also don't get why freshmen think they need to go
when they are FRESHMEN.
i guess i'm just retarded
because i didn't want to go.
at all.
so i didn't really think any of the dresses were that pretty.
sarah looked really good.
that was it.
i just can't get over how much i didn't like rylei's.
it may have been the hair.
i don't know.
the whole thing just made me realize how much i hate high school.
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swank magazine. [15 Apr 2007|10:36am]
friday night was fun.
sitting around laughing at justin and zach laughing.
so funny.

my mom bought my favorite kind of ice cream.
so when i got home yesterday,
i ate a whole lot of it.
and got sooo sick.
it was really gay.
so i went to sleep at like, 6:00
after talking to anthony.
i'm sick of it.
doctor's appointment on tuesday.
maybe they'll figure out what's wrong.

this is a big thank you to johnny.
margot & the nuclear so and so's are AMAZING.
also to kelly.
for leaving the cd here for me to listen to until tomorrow.
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cucumber eyes. [10 Apr 2007|08:22pm]
sometimes i feel bad about things i say.
and then.
i say,
"fuck that shit in the ass."
and i feel better.

corey best is so fucking ugly.
i don't know how he still has friends.
it makes me laugh so much though.
i don't feel bad about dragging shit with him out.
anthony and i discussed it.
it needs to be drug out.
and that's all there is to it.

i love life.
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back in the states. [07 Apr 2007|03:10pm]
i like the fact that the ultrasound showed nothing to be wrong.
i'm really hoping that the blood work shows something.
i want stop being sick.
and if finding something wrong will do that,
so be it.

oh yeah.
i watched happy feet today.
i actually really liked it.
it was lame.
oh so cute.
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